In case you haven’t looked into it, the app name “Freetime” ranks really poorly on the App Store. So bad, that if you just search the word “freetime”, this app wont show up on the list before your fingers get tired from scrolling down…

I wanted to try and update my keywords to improve ranking, but my keywords:

github, open, source, notification, manager, git, pull, request, issue

were basically useless.

Seriously, who is going to search “pull request”?

One of the core principles about marketing an app is that you have a unique and meaningful name. The name “freetime” is absolutely garbage, even if I have an attachment to it.

Do open source in your “free time”. Get it?

So I went back to the drawing board and did a lot of brainstorming, trying to find a name that would:

  • Convey something about the app’s focus
  • Be playful
  • Unique (almost no apps that show up when searching just the name)
  • Have an available .com domain
  • Have an available twitter handle
    • Only appending “app” is ok for me

For a few nights I mulled over some options…

img_5445 jpg

I used a few techniques to mine inspiration:

  • Scanned the GitHub topic on ProductHunt and just took notes on unique names or keywords
  • Searched the App Store for things like “GitHub”, “Mail”, “Inbox”, “Notify” and collected some unique words
  • Even searched Dribbble for the same words

I came up with a few leads that I liked:

  • “Tree”, “branch” and “twig” (playing on git branch)
  • Something + “Box” since this is basically a mail/inbox-style app

You have no idea how disappointed I was after finding there are no App Store results for “gitbox” to discover that Gitbox is a successful Mac app… 😭

I also started circling the concept of “chirp” (derived from “notify”). That lead me to birds. What about “Git”+bird-something? I explored this a little and landed on this trifecta:

  • There are 0 results when searching “githawk” on the App Store. ✔️ uniqueness
  • The Twitter handle @githawk is available. Nabbed.
  • The fucking domain is available for only $10/y!! 😱

So without further adieu, Freetime will now be called GitHawk! 🎉

I’ll need to figure out what to do with the repo name. The Xcode project is going to keep the name Freetime in-memoriam.